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For the Great Journey!
ckey: kooarbiter

discord: kooarbiter 2360

IC name: lemlem

Lemlem is an unggoy medic with a tendency to overpack and not think ahead martially as long as they have meatshields to cover them.

On storming a human vessel to detonate their onboard engine and switftly returning to their ship, they had sought out the deacon who had wounded themselves setting up the wiring to make the ship destruction possible. Realizing that their burns extended to radiation damage, they rummaged through their medicine cabinet to find the only medicine he had to counteract it could only heal the damage, not cure the radiation itself, and was nonplussed when the helmsman informed him that the deacon had died setting off a nuke on an orbital platform. Lemlem decided to continue the great journey in the deacon's stead, healing his fellows whenever possible, although never healing sangheli unless they specifically ask for it.

reason for joining: I would enjoy playing elites especially, i think there is a lot of RP opportunity, nothing like slapping those filthy unggoy to get them back in line.

in depth faction info: the sangheli are a proud noble race with a bushido like code of honor, jiralhanae are brutish fighters who serve tribal warlord chieftans, unggoy are social fighters, quick to flee in an emergency, kig yar are bird like mercenaries often deployed to support infantry, mekalek golo are worm colonies inhabiting armor that can be deployed in an anti armor capacity, san shyum are the religious leaders of the covenant who are technologically advanced and physically frail, yan me are insectoid fighters who often exploit their freedom of movement. They fight to rid a blight upon their religion, and worship the forerunners and the halo rings which they believe will grant them salvation for all who walk the path.

There are some who say this day would never come, what are they to say now?
Denied, not in discord
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
You have not yet joined the discord and communicated with the community, I would like to see more of that before approving this app.

in discord, approved
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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