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EGS - SOE Commando
Ckey: EastGermanStasi

Discord name: Cash#5963

In-character name: Edward Dormer

How does your character interact with the world around them and the in  it?:  

Dormer is rather friendly to those in the URF and their allies, he is a joker for the most part but when things get serious he's one to take point as the leader and organize people as needed. When in combat he's calm, cool and collective in the face of adversity and when fighting he'll give it his all and fight until he wins or is dead. When confronted those outside of the URF he's skepetical and rather tight lipped, he stays quiet and remains a shadow so he can protect the URF and other assets. As a URF agent on Geminus he usually is one to recruit other colonists to the cause. When facing off against hostile elements such as ODST, Marines and other forces that would bring injury or death to URF member he'll fight them if forced and without a ounce of remorse.

Provide a brief description of your character:

Edward stands at approximately six foot three, he has gelled back blonde hair. His eyes are of a blue hue, his skin is of a fair complexion. On his feet are a pair of combat boots, he usually is seen wearing a pair of sweatpants or BDUs if the situation calls for it. Aswell he usuallly will be wearing a sweater or a bomber jacket with a band t-shirt. 

Do you understand that members of this whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay?: Yes.

Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist?: Yes

Do you understand that breaking a server rule can remove you from this whitelist permanently?: Understood.
You need to be first whitelisted as a URF before making an application for SoE
denied, require faction WL first
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Yea my bad had no clue I needed a URF WL first.

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