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Covenant Application
Ckey: FidgetSpinner9000

Discord name: Hot Girl Whos lookin 4 man 

In-character name: Siziz

general character info: Siziz is Unggoy from the planet Balaho, he was enlisted into the ranks of the Covenant after the integration of his species. He fought alongside the Covenant during the Unngoy rebellion, and crushed all resistance swiftly. Siziz is a ruthless Unggoy who follows orders and will give his life if need be, He has been in many conflicts and is distinguished himself as a experienced grunt in the fleet.

Reason for joining : Got on server, played, liked what I saw, also fan of halo played all the games watched tons of the films, read a bit of the books , I enjoy the experience.

Roleplay Example/History: Roleplayed on many communties and games, includes HL2RP HALORP WARHAMMER RP STAR WARS RP, etc.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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