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unsc whitelist

Discord name:Barok

In-character name:Thakan 'Vuromee < this is an elite

general character info:Treats the less respected covenant races like the unggoy better than most since he believes the covenant species will all be equally divine once they embark on the great journey. Pretty despicable to humans and heretics in general as a consequence to his loyalty to the covenants beliefs,

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc):When it comes to humans its usually ONI guards

Reason for joining Tonguelayed covenant and feel like UNSC comes second, hopefully to get a ODST and spartan whitelist aswell.
So uh, you're making a whitelist in the hopes to get ODST....but you're gonna aid the covies and are gonna cause problems with UNSC troops? Yeah I'm gonna say no (my opinon doesn't matter though), but it looks like you wanna be the dude who gets captured and just waste a slot. It also seems like you're still pretty pro covie which a lot of the UNSC players aren't gonna like. I suggest you re-think your character because someone like this would never be allowed into the UNSC ranks, your character is literally a tratior to the UNSC since you say he belives in the covenant. If anything this is more of a meme and you're gonna waste peoples time
Captain Arbs says, “Gonna deploy the slipspace bomb on the colony”
Nasoki Chen says, “We gonna get the phat dub?”
Thats a covenant character i described because i only have two statics, the other being a jirhalnae.
The thing is, you lose your covenant whitelists if you join a different faction. That's just how it works.
[Image: 76561198046761372.png]
true(theres a word limit before you can post so here are some extra words)
denied, please do a more clear app
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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