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Covenant Application
Ckey: Billy the Dodo

Discord name: cauan1968#1344

In-character name: Mak

General character info: Mak is your typical Kig'Yar, agile, good vision, the whole package. Like others of his race, although a great believer in the Great Journey, and loyal to his superiors, he also as interest in things that could definetly be considered...heretical, such as trade in the black market, and has already gotten his hands on fair amounts of credits through methods and events unknown, likely smuggling and trade, although he has always had an extremely deep feeling of guilt, embarassment, and often self-hatred, although he hides it surprisingly well. He enjoys to joke around.

Reason for joining : I recently found this server and found it to be very interesting and unique, and I wanted the full Covenant experience with access to their other races, so I just decided to join the Empire.

Roleplay Example/History: I've been on SS13 for what seems to be a year already, and it was quite an experience. The first server I ever played on was CM, then I tried out Yog, and then Paradise. I mostly stuck around Para and CM, and mostly playing TG instead of Yog now, and sometimes Hippie for some chaos. Never played on baycode, so this should be fun.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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