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Guprei's Mod App

Age: 18

Ckey: Guprei

Discord Name: Stormtrooper#4207

Timezone: EST/EDT

Time in SS13: About a year or two

Any SS13 Bans: 
Banned from HS13: Was in a discord for an unrelated thing where occasionally we would talk about the HS13 discord.
Job banned from PO (TGMC): I defended the FOB alone and was accused of running out when trying to get a shrike to stop planting an egg

Prior Moderation experience: None

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Making sure rules are being followed and helping the server become a better place. I want to help the server in any way I can, within reason.
I would like to request that my app is put on hold until the ODST event happens.
I am uncertain as to what event you are talking about.
Ah screw it, I am accepting it anyway. RIP weird event.

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