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Weekly Overmap Report #3
Woo! Actually on time this week.  Smile Anyway:

Work on the overmap continues as we near the state we want for the initial alpha of the server. The list of sectors has grown to 4:
  1. Crashed Yonhet Ship (see report #1)
  2. Meteor showers
  3. Radiation storms
  4. Insurrectionist listening post
Both the Yonhet ship and the listening post are accessible by exploration shuttle. You can have 1 exploration shuttle controller per z-level, and 1 other landing area for incoming shuttles from other ships/planets. Aside from some issues if the destination is incorrectly sized for your shuttle, everything seems to be working fine.

[Image: 6383763871c4374f06665eda046fbe3a.png]
Currently there will be around 6 planets scattered throughout the overmap, possibly including the current sectors. Whether or not these planets will persist between rounds or be a different group has not been decided yet. The locations of planets and sectors are likely to change between rounds, whichever way we go.
[Image: 76561198022559245.png]
The guy who's hosting the forums, and does some coding too.
Sounds good. Yeah We need to decide how many permanent unique planets we want to spawn every round, and then we can look at doing some more procedurally generated ones. I'd love to check out the weather but I'm stuck in dev hell for the moment with my multiz stuff :/

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