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Doge - Covenant Application
Ckey: LordDogeIsCool

Discord name: Doge Doge#0001

In-character name: Blarpdarp (Unggoy)

general character info: A loyal, heavy stepping Unggoy.  The very might of this single grunt could stand the test of time, facing off against the very heretics that block the Covenant's very path to the great journey.  Blarpdarp could stand against an army by himself, with but two sticky grenades.  His claws are sharp and scratch at the enemies of the prophets.  For him, nothing can possibly stand in his way, and he will destroy all, all by himself.  Or... that's how the story goes.

Reason for joining : Just really love halo, what can I say.  Grew up with it in my childhood, and I do my best to play it even now!  Love the story, the weapons, the creatures, everything.  This seems like a perfect place to experience what I felt once more, in a different perspective.

Roleplay Example/History:  I have an immense history with roleplay, love HRP and play it to bits.  Before SS13, I played and got my hands on all sorts of RP games, all serious.  Before that, pen and paper.
For the great journey
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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