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Covenant Application
Ckey: Archivator

Discord name: Archivator

In-character name: Kib

General character information: Kib is a Kig-Yar of default species, highly faithful to the Prophets and Covenant ideology. Mostly prefering on-ship duty, he is a crew member that possesses no prejudice against the other races, and never underappreciates anybody based just on their race, being even supportive most of the time to others.

Reason for joining: I like the Covenant side more than UNSC or any other faction, because it's religious and multi-race culture interests me more than anything of the same nature, which makes interesting possibilities for me, as well as it's aesthetics.

Roleplay example/history: I played mainly on medium RP servers before, and a bit on high RP, though not for long. I am able to do general RP, participate in RP situations, can study the lore required behind server's theme etc.

More depth with faction's details: Covenant is a space empire founded by two races - San'Shyuum and Sangheili after the long war between each other. It's ideology is based around the legacy of the race named Forerunners that once inhabited the galaxy and left behind a lot of artifacts and technologies after vanishing. Not a single change is allowed in the design of Forerunner's designs, due to then being considered holy and untouchable, which leads Covenant to having a lot of technologies they gathered being used not to the fullest potential. It consists of many races that were conquered before the contact with humanity, such as Kig-Yar, Unggoy, Jiralhanae etc.
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