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AccointNaim - URF Application
Ckey: AccointNaim

Discord name: Someone Random#5544

In-character name: Alyson Insi

General Character Info: Alyson comes from Gao, recruited as an Agent to help with the sovereignty of the Republic, and has been sent on several missions with other operatives, the most recent one being Geminus to help with rebelling against the UEG. Before then they were a hunter for an exotic meats shop owner, hunting Gao wildlife such as Idjoms, and rarely Glowfish. Alyson's job as a hunter got shut down as the owner of the exotic meats shop died of old age. They were unable to find any other job, so applied for a job in the Gao Armed Forces, after three years of enlistment they were approached with the option of joining the Gao Infiltration Forces, which she gladly accepted. 

Reason for joining: I've been kicked out of the Covenant for inactivity a couple of months ago, and I've recently gotten back into playing Halo 13. So I'm going to try applying for the URF, I haven't been the best roleplayer, but I've gotten better.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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