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Gunlean Covenant Application
Ckey: Gunlean

Discord name: garlic#7718

In-character name: Multiple characters, namely a Unggoy named Synopra and I seek to have a brute named Zorreeus

general character info: Synopra is a loopy and loud enthusiast of the Convenant religion, who enjoys exterminating heretics to his religion. Zorreeus is an incredibly goofy and dimwitted individual, only shining within battle. He's quite unprofessional and can be a lot to handle since he may not know what he's doing.

Reason for joining: Covenant is usually a lot more interesting the USCM since you have more vast races at your disposal and aren't confined to being only a human which is a nice touch to me and provides a wider range of much needed roleplay variety.

Roleplay Example/History: I have RPed for 4 years on multiple platforms and I think I am pretty good at it because the people I RP'd with were very very good so I had to keep up with them in terms of skill for 4 long, hard years.

More depth with factions details IE: The covenant are a group of aliens forming a military coalition serving under the High Council who seek to exterminate humanity as they see it as a front on their religion and gods. They seek to use forerunner technology called Halo rings to accomplish this goal.
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