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staff complaint
Your CKEY/BYOND username: cash7800

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: Allakai

Details of complaint: At 1:10 something I launched a bunch of boarding beacons and then the UNSC leader told me to stop launching boarding beacons after I had already stopped, and so I launched a boarding pod and got killed by the covvies as you do and then Allakai bwoinked me and said that I had insubordinated even though I didn't and that if I did this again I would get a jobban, and then I looked through all the rules pages and there isn't even anything about standard marines insubordinating so even if I did insubordinate I dont get why it would result in a bwoink or warning at all.
Considering this has been sitting for several days and not other staff has posted yet for questioning. I will simply put my own statement and explanation to the madness of my reasoning.

You are a soldier of the UNSC. A marine. You are a human. Hazel Duncan is a character that consistently and normally ignores orders, is incredibly irritable, and normally a poor ally. The acting Commanding Officer specifically stated to not board the Covenant vessel. Just because you are ALREADY doing something does not excuse you from committing to it. You had plenty of time to not go through with the boarding and no action was taken. You have a history of being insubordinate and in fact at one time you've shot and killed a commanding officer that was attempting to arrest you.

You have this complaint but I lack the understanding of what you are trying to say. Perhaps if you could shed more light on the situation I am completely willing to understand what you would like to see me change about how I handled you in my admin message to you.
That weird admin people know for doing mildly silly events with some normal ones too.

[Image: unknown.png]
Cash, this isnt a proper issue to put in an admin complaint. Stop wasting everyones time. Appeal denied.
Sorry for not responding earlier, i was told it was going to be handled by someone else.

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