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CKEY: Aeleto

Timezone: UTC -03:00

Discord name: ayylmao#5014

How long have you been a Whitelisted ODST?:  For as long the role has been available on the server.

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?: Got banned on CM years ago

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules linked above, as well as the Faction Rules of the UNSC and the Server Rules? Yes

Do you understand that whitelisted Spartans are expected to comment on and observe the conduct of other Spartan, on the forums as well as discord? Yes, I do.

Name of the Spartan you want to play: Leon-332

Explain what you would do in the following scenarios and why:

Scenario 1:

You’re on the ONI Aegis and the ONI RD requests a Sierra team to deploy to VT9, as the covenant have been spotted and are attacking. They have not breached the gate and it is unclear as to the size of their forces. What do you do?

Wait for the initial waves of UNSC to deal with it, if they prove incapable and the base starts falling apart due to the might of the assault, deploy once the high threat has been confirmed by the intel gathered..

Scenario 2:

You’re on the ONI Aegis and receive an urgent request from a Platoon Leader to deploy onto the UNSC Warship as the Insurrectionists have deployed a sizeable force and are taking control of the ship, and arming the nuclear device as they request assistance. What do you do?

Put the value of the mission on the balance against other missions, if the threat is so big that it risks the integrity of the Aegis, stay on the safe side and protect the prowler along with the rest of your men.

Scenario 3:

You’ve been deployed on a mission to give the covenant back their bomb. You manage to arm the bomb, but your fellow spartan has been cut down and his body is being dragged away by the Covenant towards an escape pod. What do you do?

Move away from the primary mission to retrieve the spartan body and put it away of enemy hands, then return to the original task once the body has been secured through detonation or safe storage.
Two things. First the application itself:

Scenario 1:

All of that is correct, however, you failed to mention that the mission to 'deploy' isn't valid. An attainable mission is required such as defending the RD while they collect classified documents, or detonating the site nuclear device. This is important, as I want spartans to have their goal, complete it, and leave. They aren't here to replace marines or ODSTs.

Scenario 2: I'm not sure how you envision the mission to board the UNSC Warship to assist as risking the Aegis, but I like how you reference the Priorities, so you've clearly read it. In this case, I do not believe Priority 1 is invoked, however. In this scenario, you could mention a few more things: PL is not CO, so he needs to be aCO, there isn't a valid mission given - an easy one to give would be disarming the nuke. It's implied that since it's on the warship and I specifically mentioned they're taking control, that the ODST and UNSC have been depleted. You could deploy here if what I mentioned was fulfilled - however, as I've mentioned in other apps, I would always prefer you not deploy when in doubt, so that gets you points.

Scenario 3:

Simply put that's all good. No need for a long explanation.

And Secondly;

Quite recently you were involved in some admin issues which very nearly got you permabanned here after a second offence (I'm not naming it here, but you know what it is...). With that being something to consider as well as the fact Scenario 1 & 2 could use some tweaking, this is a very close denial.

If you have 0 admin issues in a month once spartans are (hopefully) better implemented, I encourage you to reapply.


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