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Winterume-SPARTAN Application
CKEY: Winterume

Timezone: EST

Discord name (eg Bob#123): Amy#2560

How long have you been a Whitelisted ODST?: Since 03-18-2018, So a year and some change?

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?: No.

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules linked above, as well as the Faction Rules of the UNSC and the Server Rules?

Do you understand that whitelisted Spartans are expected to comment on and observe the conduct of other Spartan, on the forums as well as discord?

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Try and avoid commonly known numbers like -117.):

Explain what you would do in the following scenarios and why:

Scenario 1:

'You’re on the ONI Aegis and the ONI RD requests a Sierra team to deploy to VT9, as the covenant have been spotted and are attacking. They have not breached the gate and it is unclear as to the size of their forces. What do you do?'

The gate is closed and the Covenant have been spotted meaning that there is a security element already present. We also cannot deploy at the first sighting of covenant forces unless the current friendly forces were depleted. We do not deploy.

Scenario 2:

You’re on the ONI Aegis and receive an urgent request from a Platoon Leader to deploy onto the UNSC Warship as the Insurrectionists have deployed a sizeable force and are taking control of the ship, and arming the nuclear device as they request assistance. What do you do?

I would first contact HIGHCOM to verify the situation, and ask for guidance, otherwise I would not deploy as the reporting individual is a Marine Squad leader.

Scenario 3:

You’ve been deployed on a mission to give the covenant back their bomb. You manage to arm the bomb, but your fellow spartan has been cut down and his body is being dragged away by the Covenant towards an escape pod. What do you do?

Asset denial immediately. They are not able to drag a SPARTAN away faster than bullets, and even then they wouldn't be able to get into the pod in time. IF they are RNG enough to get in the pod the pods launch sequence takes longer than it does for me to enter it aswell. with that, the Covie made part of my job easier by getting my buddy into a pod and giving us the fastest escape.
Scenario 1 is fine as the answer is the same, but you should also note the mission isn't valid anyway as there is no attainable goal - 'kill the covenant' isn't good enough. The RD would need to give you something specific like... "defend me while I collect classified materials and detonate the self-destruct".

Scenario 2 - You correctly pointed out that the PL is not the CO. However, if you can verify the PL as the Acting CO, he is valid to issue missions. It's not necessary to Fax HighComm, but as mentioned in another app I like that your first instinct is to ask because you're unsure. - When in doubt, I would prefer the spartans to NOT deploy.

Scenario 3 - All good to me.


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