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Sleepy - Spartan App
Sleepy Retard


Discord name (eg Bob#123):
sleepy from HR#7928

How long have you been a Whitelisted ODST?:
Since 13/06/2019, been an ODST officer for about a month.

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?:

Never here, but absolutely other servers. No current bans, but I can elaborate on some bans from other servers. Mostly from CM in the past 3 years ish.

Do you understand and agree to follow the rules linked above, as well as the Faction Rules of the UNSC and the Server Rules?
Absolutely. It’s in my best interest to follow ROE — to be a good role model to other players, as a high-expectation role like this shouldn’t be acting like a bunch of low tier shitters.

Do you understand that whitelisted Spartans are expected to comment on and observe the conduct of other Spartan, on the forums as well as discord?
Absolutely. I already comment and observe on the ODSTs under my command, so it won’t be much of a stretch.

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Try and avoid commonly known numbers like -117.):

Explain what you would do in the following scenarios and why:

Scenario 1:

You’re on the ONI Aegis and the ONI RD requests a Sierra team to deploy to VT9, as the covenant have been spotted and are attacking. They have not breached the gate and it is unclear as to the size of their forces. What do you do?


There are several things wrong with this scenario that I’ll pick apart: As a first note, there is no clear, attainable goal for the Spartans — being told to deploy is attainable, not an objective, if they were told to deploy, and secure Orion intelligence, that would be a valid, attainable goal.

Secondly, the scenario makes it sound like as if ONI/UNSC did not attempt to deploy UNSC or ODST forces, or even use their own ONI security personnel. Because of this, the Spartans would not be able to deploy, as no one else had attempted to fight against the covenant force.

Lastly, they have not even verified if the Covenant forces are significant, and worth the time of a Spartan team. For all they know, it could be a couple grunts, or even just a lone kig yar — clearly not worth the time of the Spartans.

Scenario 2:

You’re on the ONI Aegis and receive an urgent request from a Platoon Leader to deploy onto the UNSC Warship as the Insurrectionists have deployed a sizeable force and are taking control of the ship, and arming the nuclear device as they request assistance. What do you do?


There's a couple things to mention about this scenario. Assuming that the ACO, being the PL, didn’t give an actual direct, attainable goal — but for the purposes, I’ll assume the objective would be to “push the insurrectionists off, and disarm the nuke.”

If the Insurrectionists are deploying full force to the UNSC warship, and are currently setting off a nuke, it’s safe to assume that the marines and ODST complement have already been utilized, and have failed in their objective — as the Innies are taking control, and setting off a nuke. UNSC failing in their objective isn’t enough to deploy Spartans, however, that brings me into my next point:

Potentially losing a UNSC Warship is a very heavy blow, and it’s very significant for the UNSC to prevent this. Given this, I believe it would be justified to deploy Spartans on the UNSC warship, as the situation implies that the Marines/ODST are unable to fend off the threat, and have been depleted. Preventing a very, very, very expensive ship from blown up by armed rebels is a high important goal, assuming no Priorities are being conflicted with.

Scenario 3:

You’ve been deployed on a mission to give the covenant back their bomb. You manage to arm the bomb, but your fellow spartan has been cut down and his body is being dragged away by the Covenant towards an escape pod. What do you do?


Ensuring that the body, and it’s technology, is not taken is the number one priority objective, as the retrieval of gear is only trumped by protecting the Aegis. With such, I’d do anything in my power to retrieve the gear. If, after retrieving the body, I had to choose between exfiltrating with the gear and body, and preventing the Covenant from disarming the bomb — the priority is getting that gear gets back in safe hands, on the Aegis.

Assuming at that point, I’d be the only Spartan left, I would be relegated to playing watch dog on the Aegis, and unless ordered by High Command, I’d be forced to leave the Covenant alone, as I wouldn’t have a partner at that time.
Very good application and an example for what I want the replies to be (mostly). Only thing I'll point out is that the gear doesn't have to be safe - it can also be destroyed. So if you were confident you could hold the bomb until it blew up and destroyed, you could stay there.


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