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Spartan Rules
Spartan Priority Levels

The following is the standing operating procedure for Spartan-II units stationed aboard the ONI Aegis. Failure to follow any of these rules will lead to swift removal from the whitelist.

Priority 1: Protection of the ONI Aegis

Above all else, Spartan-II units must protect their ship, the ONI Aegis. The destruction of this vessel would lead to the loss of billions due to the gear stored within, as well as the loss of countless pieces of Top-Secret ONI Section III data.

Spartans must not, under any circumstances, allow non-Sierra units onto the Aegis past the umbilical/medical areas, due to the classified nature of everything on board. Lethal Force is authorised for those who refuse to leave the vessel, including local UNSC forces, with only a few exceptions:

  • The UNSC forces may be allowed access to the Aegis as emergency transport if VT9 Crescent Base is being abandoned, and the self-destruct is initiated. They are only allowed on board to receive medical care and transport, after which they should be returned to UNSC or ONI forces at either the primary UNSC Warship in the area, or the local UNSC Orbital base
  • High Command may send visitors onto the Aegis as part of a mission, or simply for observation purposes. If you believe that an imposter is present, send a FAX to HighCom. No response means no verification and ejection from the vessel

Spartans who are currently in the field are to abandon their current mission if there is sufficient reason to believe that the ONI Aegis has been boarded unless directly ordered otherwise by High Command. This takes priority over gear retrieval due to the greater amount of classified information present on the Aegis.

Priority 2: Protection of Classified Technology

Second only to the protection of their ship, Spartans must protect their gear. While a Spartan may hand weapons or ammunition to a fellow soldier and forget about it, all classified technology relating to the Spartan-II program must be contained. This includes:

  • Spartan Neural Undersuits
  • MJOLNIR Boots
  • MJOLNIR Gloves
  • MJOLNIR Helmets
  • MJOLNIR Armour
  • Spartan radio headsets
  • Spartan radio encryption keys

In the event that any of the above technology is forcibly removed from a Spartan, be it either through killing them or by incapacitating them, Spartans are to abandon their current mission and focus on retrieving said gear. All gear, including the body, must be recovered or destroyed. This may be overridden by High Command.

Priority 3: Protection of local ONI assets

If a Spartan is given conflicting, valid missions (which are covered later) they are to prioritize any that involve the protection of ONI assets/personnel/intel. In the end, we’re far more willing to sacrifice the UNSC… or civilians in this sector than our ONI assets here.

Spartan Deployment Procedures

Spartans who are deployed on the ONI Aegis may not leave the ONI Aegis for any reason unless they are given a valid mission, or are given approval from HighCommand. Spartans are allowed to deploy without a mission if the enemy is somehow in possession of Classified Technology, as detailed in Priority 2.

Valid missions are missions given to the Spartans by the acting CO of the UNSC Forces in the area, or the ONI Research Director.

For a mission to be valid if given by the CO or ONI Research Director, it must:

  • Have a clear, attainable goal for the Spartans to complete. For example ‘kill da URF’ or ‘kill da covvies’ is not valid, as it does not give a reasonable goal. 

A better example is: An ONI Research Director Requests a Sierra team to deploy to VT9 while being raided by multiple covenant forces, in order to secure all classified technologies such as old Spartan-I (Orions) documents and extract the Research Director to Safety.
  • Not already be in the act of being successfully completed by ONI/UNSC/ODSTs. For example, there's no need to deploy if you believe the UNSC has this handled. Use your own Judgement for this.
  • Be of significant importance to the UNSC or ONI. You cannot deploy in full force against a single squad of grunts, for example. A more appropriate threat for a Sierra team is numerous high-ranking elites accompanied by other infantry units.

All missions given by HighCommand are valid, even if you may not believe it follows the above rules.

If Spartans become aware of a Flood infestation, they are able to deploy in force without any authorisation to do so, with the mission of eradicating all traces of the infestation. Once this is done, you are to leave.

Spartans may NOT leave the ONI Aegis on their own. The minimal for deployment is 2 active Spartans, even with gear retrieval missions. This can be overridden by High Command, or by the presence of a Flood infestation.

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