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SickCoolGuyio's UNSC Application.

Discord name: MrAdventureFilms#1944

In-character name: Brielle Sandford

general character info: 
Brielle, like many Marines, was born on Earth. Like many more marines, she felt the need to defend Earth. She was raised in an orphanage, and chose to spend her free time throwing rocks at cans, like mini target practice. This became boring. Soon, Brielle was using BB guns, and small fire arms, each one she "borrowed" from a friend or two. This skill would be important later, as she became Private Sandford: Marine Sniper

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Scout Sniper

Reason for joining : While the Covenant is cool, and the URF got Communism, the UNSC is probably the best out of the three, as it has both the most badass characters, while also having touching moments and dark history. Plus, Spartans and ODST are pretty dope.
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