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Ckey: Alphanoodle

Discord name: Broseidon of the brocean#7796

In-character name:I have multiple characters but the one i mainly use is Pipin the unggoy and if i get to play as any other race it would be a elite named Kepo 'Matan probably a minor or someone not of high rank for elites

general character info: well pipin i a grunt fr starters, a cowardly, cannon fodder, methane breathing, egg laying grunt. Like most grunts he seems to hate the jackals, and brutes, holds a high respect for the elites and what they do but secretly does not believe in the great journey. Viewing the forerunners as just a race that might not even have existed in the first place. wielding only a needler and not piloting very many things. my plan for the elite is different, a honor bound, brute hating, grunt respecting (if i remember right the grunt rebellion made the grunts respected by the elites) Elite using mostly plasma carbine or rifle (maybe an energy sword if able) fights for what they know as the great journey trying his best in battle, listening to superiors and having mixed feelings about the humans.

Reason for joining : I like covenant more than humans even i just want a chance to play them big... lizard? reptile of some sort maybe... well anyways i want to play some elites, or maybe a brute in all honest i just want a chance to play more of the covenant.

Roleplay Example/History: I have roleplayed many things before i did discord roleplays (don't judge) I did GTA roleplays i played dnd where the main rule was to roleplay your best. my favorite activity is writing and roleplaying and in my opinion those are two sides of the same coin.

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