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CommanderXor's Application
Ckey: CommanderXor

Discord name: Xor#1100

In-character name: Vex (Not sure if this is the current character I play, or the planned one. If planned, then Khoro 'Vontakee)

General character info: Vex is one of your standard Kig-Yar. They despise humans and everything they stand for, believing fully in the Great Journey. They tend to use a carbine at range as they don't being in the direct line of fire when possible, but they also carry a pistol and shield for when they need to clear a building or close street fighting occurs.

If we're talking about Khoro, then he is your standard, young Sangheili. He's eager to enter the fray and earn himself some glory and honour by doing what he can to bring victory and honour to the Covenant, whether that means securing artifacts, or shooting humans, if he can do it to increase his honour and reputation he will do it.

Reason for joining: Quite frankly I absolutely adore the Covenant, and they've been my favourite faction in the Halo universe since the original Halo CE came out, they were also pretty much my main whenever I got the chance to play Halo Wars. When I played Halo Reach, I always picked the Sangheili character options. I've been looking around for games where you can play them, and I suppose this is the min reason I want to get a whitelist for it!

Roleplay Example/History: Well, I started roleplaying in Clockwork Half Life 2 Roleplay servers, so I suppose I'm quite inclined to it! Along with that I also have every whitelist besides Dionae and Command on the Aurorastation SS13 server. I use to play on Baystation as well prior to when it became military RP.

More depth with factions details IE: A bit of a vague and generic question I suppose. But I guess best summed up that it's to see if you know much about the faction. In the easiest explanation the Covenant are a group comprised of various species under one banner. They are mainly religious and military driven in seeking out a previous race known as the Forerunners and view them as Gods. The Covenant believe humans to be a direct threat and blight upon their religious figures/religion in general and thus have ordered a genocide of the human scourge so they may secure a safe path to the Great Journey.

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