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UNSC Application

Discord name: 

In-character name: 
Leon Vinci

General character info: 
Vinci was born and raised in the heart of Sol, Earth. His family had a long enlistment history as generations of his family had served under the UNSC. Pre-Covenant threat, Vinci worked in an office in Sydney near "The Hive" where some of his family members were stationed. However, as events sprung forth such as the Eridanus Insurrection and the inevitable Covenant threat, it set in motion his ancestral blood to serve and defend humanity from traitors and those beyond, soon enlisting to fight the Covenant threat. 

Leon is someone his friends label as a serious type of person, someone who takes his work seriously and appreciates hard work and focus to every goal he is given. He's a fairly social man to his peers and enjoys speaking to his co-workers. However, to those that know him within the Corps, he is known and appreciated as the jokester that he is, when in loss, or in victory, he usually cracks the jokes to bolster the mood. It seems that within this military setting, it eases him more than it did within the private civilian sector. 

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): 
Marine Scout Sniper, Standard Marine, Assault Recon Marine, and any sort of Marine that is outside any super technical field. 

Reason for joining: 
I joined because I enjoy the UNSC greatly and I've been a huge Halo fan since the first one came out. I'd just be happy to continue playing within the UNSC and its various roles throughout my time here. 
Accepted, Welcome to the UNSC!

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