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Player Report - Domodyl
I'd like to report Domodyl for Meta-game, Roleplay Break, and Ghost Abuse. Domodyl was an Ultra Elite who assaulted the ODP after ten minutes into the round. After dispatching three marines, he was bested by a fourth. Where he died there, decapitated. As the round continued, Marines became engaged on the planet. Which then Domodyl spawned as a Grunt and made his way to the ODP. Arming the nuke. Not only do I think this is a roleplay break, what reason would a Grunt have for wandering off on his own? They are cannon fodder, plus dumb as rocks. I feel it is a meta-game and abusing the ghost mechanic to watch what was going on before re-spawning. It is just to good to be true that he would have managed to do all that given the situation.

Screenshots below, confirming Domodyl was not only the Ultra, but was also the Grunt.

[Image: BY7x119.png]

[Image: jUdApId.png]

[Image: ajMOK5Y.jpg]

[Image: 6MPlwEQ.jpg]
Hi. Do you remember what the date was of the round this happened on?
It would have been 10/21/2019, about an hour and a half before the time I posted my report. So the round starting at around 10am PDT, I would say. Not exact, just know I can get time slots based on discord when I asked questions about the player in question.
We've addressed the problem, and will be enforcing Covenant roleplay standards with more scrutiny as we go on.
I am sorry you feel as if I ruined your game for you in whatever way, however I did not go to the station as a unggoy on my own personal vengeance, or whatever I am being claimed of. I went under orders and a organized assault from the command sangheili at the time with specific orders to blow up said station (You can check logs.) but in no way shape or form is this Metagaming, in fact I am good friends with many of the UNSC whitelist, the fact that this has gotten me perm banned from Covenant Whitelist is absurd.

 To touch on the claims you have put on me, Attacking the station after 10 minutes is not Meta gamming, it is literally in the Covenants objectives. Secondly, I do not know what fully counts as "Ghost abuse" but if you consider talking about what just happened prior to being killed, then nearly everyone is guilty of that, however if you checked I spawned in long before the battle, before the pods were even dropped.

 Again, It was not a sarcastic remark, I am sorry that I have ruined this round for you so much that you reported me, if you want we can talk it over in DM's or even in the server chat, thank you.
Reviewing the logs for that day, it seems like Kazkaz rushed the station immediately after spawning, which would be a form of metagaming
Now, the incident here alone wouldn't have resulted in your current punishment.

But it did cause us to review your notes and decide that you don't meet the standards we'd like Covenant roles to meet.
And what notes might those be? I have been punished already for prior incidents, the only one I can recall that was metagaming was a incident involving me as a insurrectionist taking a ODST Armor, but if I recall correctly I have no major charges when it comes to Covenant roles. since then I apologized and not repeated said mistake, can I please have access to my notes so I know what I can improve on to have the ability to be on the Covenant whitelist?

 I Like playing on the server, especially as the Covenant, my play record can support that, when I have the chance I do play as Covenant, this would be blocking me from that experience for 3 months and even then if my appeal is not approved it would remain permanent. 

 Can there please me a resolution that would help both parties? If I made a mistake, or multiple mistakes, can I again, please be given records of those mistakes. Believe it or not I do want to improve and contribute to the roleplay atmosphere, please get back to me when you can.
We don't give out notes.

I can tell you that most of your infractions have been with the Covenant's ROE and low roleplay that we don't want to accept with that faction.

While playing a role in character, we don't want to have a "memey" atmosphere and OOCly we don't want to go out of our way to ruin other people's rounds.
Using information you got while playing as a previous character and while as a ghost, to respawn and nuke a station is an example of OOCly metagaming to go out of your way to fuck up the UNSC after they already killed your covenant character.

All I can say is to try to take the game more seriously while being a character inside of it, and to just respect other players when you're not being a genocidal alien. If you truly are planning to improve, then by the end of this three month break from the covenant you should be able to appeal and return to the faction.

You can still play human roles, and we'll be watching to see if you improve with them too.

For now, I'm closing this report, since it's been resolved.

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