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Mojave's SOE Application
Ckey: TheMojaveWanderer

Discord Name: Mojave#1640

Character(s): Jake Reno, Frank McClare

How does your character interact with the world around them and the people in it?: Jake Reno is Johnny Reno's son. He will likely be the character I play in the SoE. He has a strict sense of honor, and his father's attitude rubbed off on him quite a bit. Frank McClare is an ex-military man. A survival of Far Isle by way of being off planet at the time, he's been with the URF for a very long time. Jake is unlikely to ever harm a civilian, and will abhor orders to do so. Frank is much more "Ends justify the means" when it comes to orders.

Provide a brief description of your character: Jake Reno is Johnny Reno's son. He's basically Reno Two, Electric Boogaloo. Honorable, someone who believes in strong ideals and wants what is best for the average civilian out on the frontier.
Frank McClare is a long time URF supporter, having been around for a while now. Not quite as old as Johnny Reno at the time of his death, Frank himself is getting up there in the years and has mostly sat back and started running things, keeping the URF together when possible as the local cell commander.

Do you understand that members of this whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay?: I absolutely understand.

Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist?: See above.

Do you understand that breaking a server rule can remove you from this whitelist permanently?: See above.
Johnny Reno - URF Space Cowboy Captain - K I A
Jake Reno - Undetermined - Status Unknown
Frank McClare - URF Cell Leader - Alive
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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