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personal issues with the new update.
first, keep in mind that this is all related to my personal opinion, feel free to correct me.

i will be listing all my issues with the new update.
1. doctoring and basic health: humans are pretty fucking shitty. you can never fully recover from even the smallest injury. i once took a single bullet to the right foot and that, even after surgery, chemicals, biofoam, etc, still gave me headache, made me a hell of a lot slowler, making me go down easier, making me blackout, and finaly, gave me shady vision. all of those from a single bullet to the foot. 
2. medicine beside biofoam is nearly useless: 30 unit of bicardine, one of the only brute healing chem, isnt enought to heal a moderate trauma, and even then, it takes about 7 to 10 minutes. 
3. sometimes, when you rep up a faction, you, out of the blue, loose all rep, and it just disappear from the supply computer: its pretty clear, its just a hard block.
4. the difficulty level of the missions: there is next to no difference between an hard and easy mission: you cant win against a boss that can take more than a mag when you only have magnums and no armor. 
5. urf really need better roundstart gear: i understand that we are meant to have poor shit at the start, but questing with only an uniform and magnums is nearly impossible

thats all for the moment, maybe ill add more later if i found more.

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