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Covenant/T'vaoan Application
Ckey: Delta M

Discord name: Paradox#1999

In-character name:Ror Gek

General character info:A male T'vaoan who has rose up the ranks, only fighting on the Covenant's behalf for the money as he does not believe in their belief, but will fight where money is and alongside his comrades. He can respect the Sangheili, combat wise, as he's seen them effortlessly take on UNSC troops and would be alright following the orders of one who is experienced in combat. He will give it his all to help achieve their goals.

Reason for joining :I have been playing on this server for a while, on and off at times, but I have enjoyed it especially as the Kig-yars. Since they aren't necessarily with the Covies, only those who seek to believe in the Prophets and the others in it for the money. And I have played as the T'vaoan before it became whitelisted/Covenant restricted and gotten experience as them. So of course I would love to play as these deadly snipers, who have been a pain in the UNSC's side when in long range combat.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played on here for a good bit, before Kig-Yar T'vaoan's were whitelisted/Covenant restricted, so i've gotten around playing with others during that time. I've have a lot of experience on roles that require leadership such as Bad Deathclaw as NCR and BOS. Gotta learn real good about those chain of commands. Other stations i've played on are Fulp, Aurora, Goon, Paradise, and any other that is popular. But I can handle a role with a head or rank above others.
[Equality Stare]
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For the great journey
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