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Emoats18 appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: Emoats18 and whatever other bullshit I had.

Your character name (if relevant): Dennis Greene

Who were you banned by: James Russle

Date of ban: 3 or so months ago

Length of ban: Permanent

Full ban reason: Multikeying and other shit

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: 

Absolute willingness to help the server out and the URF now that it isn't being shat on anymore. I know Pantas doesn't like me too much but hey the URF is being fixed and getting the major overhaul it needs, and yeah I was trying to host the halo code after you had your shit got stole James but like I said I ain't gonna go and be a bitch and split the community, that VPS is still around if you want it. Don't really know what to do with it other than put some other bullshit up on it.

I'm an idiot for doing that shit. Kinda wanted to have an alt to do serious shit on since Dennis got targeted by staff every round over anything and everything I said or did as that Character. The Caelum CIA sting was epic, he still wont talk to me after that.

Oh and the whole 'ghost' shit was kind of a meme, you can evade pretty easy but its still pretty gay having to pull the whole alt account shit when you actually care about the server.

We've been talking for a short time now and I'd be totally fine with their return. If they could easily have multikey'd with alternative accounts and griefed, they didn't in the 3 months they've been off and still want to return to the community. While comedy is subjective and their memes appeal to, well, a certain demographic, I still liked their memes when they were with halo (and James did too, though they got old real fast)

They also seem to be a pretty active and respected in the CM Community too, having a couple memes pinned in the respective memes channels. They've shown their restraint to grief (despite the option to) and their active involvement in other servers in a positive light, can only really be seen as positive 

Overall, despite being biased for the topic (URF memer and all), I would be perfectly fine with their return
(I don't usually reply to appeals and reports unless I have something to add, which is the CM side. People really should help the admin team more in these sort of things, they're great people working for a great community. Here's my arbitrary +1!)
Even now you still multi-key and meme around so you’re not making much of a case, your typing mannerisms and quirks gave you away EVERYTIME. All I ask is honesty and we’re golden stop obvious ban evading and multikeying are you good to be unbanned.
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That's the plan, honestly I probably won't do a lot of combat I just like playing as a maintenance tech or janitor cause engineering and passive roles are about all I can do at work, if you play cm that's all I do on there anyway but they make it a little too easy so it's not as satisfying to make repairs as it is on here. If Dennis is still a problem I won't play him anymore and just be more... I dunno let me think. I guess I'd make a mechanic type guy or something in the URF cause they always break shit. The alt business is over with.
Ban will be lifted then.
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