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Insurrectionist Groups of Interest - Suggestions and criticism appreciated!
Context for suggestion is available in #Lorebus
Good Morning/Afternoon to the wonderful person reading this!
If you have ever played as an innie (which I assume everyone reading has), you'll probably notice the lack of URF unique gear and weapons available. Infact, the best weapons and gear acquirable were usually available to standard marines from round start!

Not anymore! Myself, Cael, and the rest of the URF faction proudly presents our new idea for spicing up the freedom fighter cargo life. 
Groups of Interest(GOIs)! 

How does this help improve insurrectionist gameplay?:
Simply put, you will be able to affiliate with, do certain tasks for, and be rewarded by four separate GOIs, each with their own style of objective* and rewards. Instead of being a marine rehash requiring much longer prep time to get gear with identical use to that of a standard marine, you'll be rewarded and equipped with much more specialised and potentially more dangerous equipment, if used by the right person.

Primary Groups of Interest:

Khoros Desert Raiders:
"The strong rule over the weak" - Harun, Khoros Warlord
Deserts are a vast and empty place. The rich don't understand the appeals of living in a place so lifeless, and the poor fear a land so hospitable, cruel and indifferent. Many are lost in deserts, forgotten to the vast sands of time, only those who leave their marks on the land are ever remembered, atleast more so then simple skeletal remains. In such a cruel land, only the strongest can survive, and the weak will perish. Such philosophy embodies the Khoros Desert Raiders, who chose to operate outside the walls of Talista's capital and instead make their home on the moon's many mountains. Raids are constant, and most who venture outside of the safe walls never return. And for what purpose? Many claim they need the supplies, but in reality, they do it to prove their strength, and to satisfy their passion for battle. Justifying their violent tendencies like a simple hobby, they are resolute in proving their strength and satisfying their desire for war. Despite the might of the UNSC, they dare not step under the shadow of the mountains or head out to rescue a dammed trading convoy. After all, only the strong can rule over the weak. 
Fueled by their hunger for battle, and the drugs they often take, a Khoros Desert Raider is never more complete then in the thick of battle, face to face with the closest combatant or terrified civilian. Unlike most conventional armies, their focus is still melee combat, and care little for what firepower the opponent has. Seeing as an axe cannot decapitate a tank, they also developed crude explosive weapons for dealing with much tougher alien threats or hostile vehicles. One of their most popular explosive weapons is the explosive lance, a thrown spear that detonates on contact with a hard surface. As for their melee weapons, they often field modified axes or swords, occasionally with modifications. While it is quite a strange weapon, an electrified axe wielded with both hands is a terrifying force to deal with up close, and can cause even veteran soldiers to panic when close to their necks. (Eluxor is currently making an armor set for this GOI, alongissde a custom donator set to go alongside it. Use his glorious work when it's finished)

Basic Tier Equipment: Machete, Sawn Off Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, C4, Talista Spice(minor speed boost to catch up to players, Oxycodone tier pain killer effect, slowdown negation. Reduces accuracy of all firearms drastically. Addictive!), Raider Armor (Custom armor Eluxor is making), Suicide Vest.
Intermediate Tier Equipment: Explosive Spears, Modified Fire Axe (Electric), Combat Spear (Gives a long lunge distance only when on Tallista spice), Raider horn (summons NPC Raiders from off-screen, long cooldown) 
Advanced Tier Equipment: Powered Crossbow, Chem Crossbow, Lexorin Bolt, Mind Breaker Bolt, Bicardine Bolt, Dermaline Bolt, Biofoam Bolt, Landmine, Pneumatic Cannon, Mongoose. (feel free to suggest more!), Warband Requisition Decree (spawns an ERT of Khoros Raiders from dead player pool, single use)

*Melee focused GOI
*Uses modified axes, swords and other melee options, often modified for more damage, such as an electrified axe
*Uses drugs in combat to shrug off most wounds and get up close.
*Crude explosives like explosive lances and C4 for dealing with tougher targets, vehicles and obstacles
*Dislikes snipers, they never look the enemy in the eye. 

Olympus Council:
"The council will decide your fate" - Unknown 
Not much is known about the Olympus Council from the outside. Most people will have never heard of them, and the majority that have some knowledge of what the council is, will assume they are the collective 15 owners of Adept Robotics. While this is technically true, they are not just the creators of AI ran machines and human piloted drones. Beneath most of their factories, they practise their less then legal methods. Their factories are simply disguises for humanities biggest unregulated black market, and this woulldn't be possible without Tradestar. While on the surface, Tradestar is their main competitor, the council of 15 is comprised of 5 Tradestar members, who specialise in helping pioneer laser and electrical energy use. With both of their collective wealth and skills, both experimental electric powered weapons and fully functional machines of war were created, and without any legal barriers, they quickly overwhelmed the criminal underworld with their influence, many desperate to get into their illusive black market. There is nothing the council won't do to maintain their secrecy and profits. Once you enter their factory, the council will decide your fate... 
The Olympus Council care little about battle, and focus their efforts towards their profit. War is extremely profitable, and they've begun affiliating and trading equipment with the Insurrection in exchange for their service. With little care for the rules of war, a lot of their weapon designs are heavily experimental.  One of their most popular creations is the EMP Rifle, designed for shutting down key targets in the war effort against the UNSC and alien menace. Designed for covenant (and indirectly spartan) shields, they can easily shut down the primary protection of humanities greatest threat in a single shot, all from a rifle and a backpack charger. They also have man portable Coilguns, the same technology used in MAC cannons, but on a much smaller scale, powered by a backpack, to penetrate shield technology and strike at the thing within. While they don't make combat vehicles, they have modified various mechs to be combat worthy. Even a power loader can be a terrifying threat with a simple tweak of armor and the addition of a few weapons. (Use white innie armor. )

Basic Tier Equipment: Ripley Power Loader, MA5B, MA5B HE Ammo, Innie Rocket Launcher, Rocket Ammo, Man-Machine Interface(MMI) Hydraulic Clamp (mech), Drill (mech), Olympus Armor (Innie White Heavy Armor)
Intermediate Tier Equipment: Backpack EMP Rifle, Power Sink, Modified Combat Loader, Ranged Armor (Mech), Scattershot (Mech), Ultra AC 2 (Mech), Night Vision Goggles, Innie Modified DMR (3 shot burst version), DMR ammo, Olympus Fleet Beacon (Spawns a small Olympus Naval fleet in the overmap, single use)
Advanced Tier Equipment: Backpack Coilgun (Pierces through shields), Coilgun Ammo, EMP Grenades, Thermal Goggles(Optical Thermal Scanner, sees through Covenant Cloaking), Posibrain, YGGDRASIL Mech (Expensive, top tier hardware modified from ONI blueprints, replace with alternative Olympus sprite if possible) Repair drone (mech), Ion Cannon(mech), Missiles (mech), Olympus Task Force Beacon (Spawns an Olympus ERT from the dead player pool), Condor Beacon (Single Use, Calls in an experimental Condor air transport with no guns. Holds a small amount of people but can hack through faction requirement landing zones, allowing it to fly into the UNSC Bertel's hanger among other things.) 

*Ranged focused GOI with heavy support focus
*Experimental weapons and technology, difficult to maintain and not user friendly
*Heavy focus on countering shields. EMP Rifle disables shields and the Portable Coilgun can pierce through shields
*Modified mechs able to provide fire support and assist allies
*Struggles to fight opponents with heavy armor. 
*Not designed for single fights, struggles to win alone. Much better at supporting allies and dealing with shields.

Freedom and Liberation Party(FLP):
"A single death is a tragedy; A million deaths is a statistic" - Commonly used FLP justification
The Freedom and Liberation Party(FLP) is an insurrectionist group based in the Eridanus sector, but with strong ties to the planet Mamore. In 2511, they detonated a nuclear device near one of Mamore's landmarks, killing 2 million and injuring 8 million more. Many have suspected to have died of radiation based illnesses, such as cancer, much later after the attack, making the death toll given a vast understatement. They wish for the Colonial Millitary Administration (and by extension, the UNSC) to leave the Eridanus system, their proud home. To them, their home is simply not the same under the control of the filth that is the UEG. the UEG don't deserve the worlds they subjugate, and the FLP would rather see their homeworld in a blazing inferno rather then owned by the "Cancer of the Colonies". If the people don't own it, no one should. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. After all, a million deaths is just a statistic. 
With little care for civilian life, the FLP commonly employ Scorched Earth Policies and tactics in order to deny the enemy tactical positions and force them to reposition. The most common weapon found in the FLP is the flamethrower, which relies on canisters to give it the gas it needs. Other then standard canisters, special ammunition is also used. White Phosphorus canisters spew flames that coat a smaller area in longer lasting fire, Napalm coats a larger area in short lasting flames, and the famed Oxide Tank, stolen from the UNSC's Hellbringers, allows them to coat targets in extremely hot flames, doing a lot more temperature and burn damage, though with a much smaller tank and ammo reserve. FLP members also designed special Napalm and White Phosphorus grenades, that can light areas ablaze in fire. Their armor comes with no protection against the fire they wield (dark green innie armor should be great, if eluxor isn't planning on making anything custom). 

Basic Tier Equipment: Flamethrower, Regular fuel Canisters, Regular Incendiary grenade. FLP Armor (Dark Green Innie Medium Armor), Gas Mask, Extended Oxygen Tank, Fire Extinguisher, M90 Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Shotgun Slugs, Bicardine gas grenade, Dermaline gas grenade.
Intermediate Tier Equipment: White Phosphorus Canisters, Napalm Canisters, Tear Gas Grenade, Chloral Hydrate gas grenade, Regular Incendiary mine, Fuel tank (draggable exploding version), Thermite beaker box, Welder, Paratrooper Flare (Spawns an NPC group of FLP soldiers with non-pyromaniac weaponry. Single use) 
Advanced Tier Equipment: Oxide tank, White Phosphorus Grenade, Napalm Grenade, Air Scrubber, Dragon's Breath Shells (Shotgun, Incendiary), Lexorin Gas Grenade, Polytrinic Gas Grenade, Liberation Squad Beacon (Spawns an ERT of FLP Incendiary Specialists from the pool of dead players. Single use!)

*Specialist area deniers, focus on forcing enemies back and out of position, or denying them access to an area
*Large focus on incendiary weapons, often dangerous to the user and his allies, must be used with caution
*Special ammo types available for different purposes. Able to switch from one type to another quickly
*Strong utility with incendiary grenades, able to be used both defensively and offensively.
*Flamethrower can ignite flammable gases like methane. Can easily result in hilarious disaster or strategic genius. 

Republic of Gao:
"If there is to be war on Gao, I intend to be on the right side of it" - Arlo Casille, Gao Minister of War
While Gao is an incredibly bio diverse place, with plenty of unique creatures, such as great apes and snails with no shells, a functioning government is still operational, and democracy is still maintained, ran by a Cabinet of Ministers and an elected president. One would consider this to be the perfect UEG world, but this isn't quite the case. The Gao Charter declares their sovereignty, and requires all members of government to oppose anyone who would dare impeach their freedom. Their primary tactics and doctorine focus stealth, infiltration and sabotage, which has won them many "battles" in the past without having to fire a single bullet, instead burning the supplies of their enemies and forcing them to starve or surrender. They have tried on a few occasions to justify conflict against the UNSC, with little success. Despite this, they remain one of the most technologically advanced competetors to the UNSC, and maintain public support for the Insurrection movement. Their supplies are invaluable to the insurrection, and assist wherever they can through their agents in the Ministry of Protection. Democracy may slow their action, but they will never stop until the UNSC submits to the freedom fighters they support.
While the Republic of Gao have the resources to sustain a full war, they often prefer not to get into conflict with the UNSC and UEG, at least not publicly.  As such, they rely on many agents and spec ops units to achieve success and cause failure behind the scenes. The most famous of these spec ops groups are the Gao Battle Jumpers, who can last months behind enemy lines relying on each other. Each of their agents is equipped with an Agent ID, an ID able to be freely edited, faking both name and occupation, camera bugs, door subverters (a tool used to bypass doors, used by Master Chief and the marines in the mission "343 Guilty Spark") and the most trusted associates or agents being provided with holographic technology, allowing their clothing to take any other shape. While X52 have the capacity to make such technology, Gao agents can also be equipped with poison syringes disguised as biofoam, sedatives disguised as Bicardine or simply just a silenced Magnum, for eliminating key targets. To make sure no cries are heard over radio, they can also come with a single use EMP grenade that explodes instantly on activation. If sabotage, infiltration and assassination are no longer an option, they can don the black and red suits, and eliminate the hostiles as a battlejumper. No witnesses.(James has battle jumper sprites. Seek him out for them, be polite!)

Beginner Tier Equipment: Agent ID, Silenced Magnum (ODST Var.), Magnum ammo, Camera bugs, Voice Changer(fits into face slot items, lets you change your voice identity, the name that appears in brackets), Handcuffs, Smoke Grenade, Humbler, Night Vision Goggles 
Intermediate Tier Equipment: Fake Biofoam Syringe (disguised as Biofoam but contains Lexorin), Fake Bicardine pill (disguised as Bicardine but contains Chloral Hydrate), Silenced SMG (ODST ver), SMG ammo, Chloral Hydrate Grenade, Taser, Sleeper Agent Phone (Spawns a single player out of the dead player pool as an Agent equipped with Gao tech. Spawns on Geminus! Single Use)
Advanced Tier Equipment: Holographic Kit (same as in R&D), Gao Battle-Jumper Armor, NVG (Disguised as Sunglasses), Mulligan Syringe (randomizes appearance and identity), EMP Flashlight, Fredom Implant, Holdout Magnum, Foldable SMG,Cryptographic Sequencer (substitute for Door Subverter, replace with subverter when made), Battle-Jumper Requisition (Spawns an ERT of Gao Battle Jumpers from the dead player pool. Single Use!)

*Stealth focused GOI with alternative combat options with battle-jumper armor
*Able to create fake identities and jobs, and blend in with either the crowd or the enemy
*Many tools for assassination, most designed to look like an accident, with mislabelled chemicals 
*Able to silence radios if discovered, or to make sure the victim doesn't alert anyone else. 
*Can be searched and discovered, relies on blending in. 
*Needs to kill someone for radio access. May be easily figured out from not following obvious radio commands

Cannon links and sources cited (Talista, Desert Raider homeworld) (Vitalyenva, Planet Tallista orbits) (FLP) (CMA, FLPs main adversaries) (Republic of Gao) (Gao Battle Jumpers) (EMP Rifle for Olympus) (Condor aircraft)
Good stuff. Very useful
needs more azteks
I think that the Khoros wouldn't really work well for the URF tbh. The covenant are known for it and it doesn't mske sense in game, also having to unlock traps and drugs (which the URF are known for already) sounds a bit silly to me. Plus how will we balance the drugs, which has to basically let someone be invincible for combat since they'd presumably be using melee? Will we just give them Rumble?
(08-28-2019, 10:56 PM)Hatknight Wrote: I think that the Khoros wouldn't really work well for the URF tbh. The covenant are known for it and it doesn't mske sense in game, also having to unlock traps and drugs (which the URF are known for already) sounds a bit silly to me. Plus how will we balance the drugs, which has to basically let someone be invincible for combat since they'd presumably be using melee? Will we just give them Rumble?
Removed the speedboost from Tallista Spice if the user is carrying/using a gun. Now all it'll serve as is really good painkiller if you plan on using firearms.
Im looking forward to getting a suicide vest and two explosive spears and charge the UNSC every round like a madman and blowing a huge hole in geminus

are these gonna work like cargo bounties? or NPCS in the shuttle?
(08-29-2019, 07:28 PM)Zergrush Wrote:
(08-28-2019, 10:56 PM)Hatknight Wrote: I think that the Khoros wouldn't really work well for the URF tbh. The covenant are known for it and it doesn't mske sense in game, also having to unlock traps and drugs (which the URF are known for already) sounds a bit silly to me. Plus how will we balance the drugs, which has to basically let someone be invincible for combat since they'd presumably be using melee? Will we just give them Rumble?
Removed the speedboost from Tallista Spice if the user is carrying/using a gun. Now all it'll serve as is really good painkiller if you plan on using firearms.

Still doesn't solver the other issues, tbf I think it'd also be hard to balance/make content for 4 minifactions inside a faction, all using different gear and equipment.

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