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UNSC Application: Auris456852
Ckey: Auris456852

Discord name: Shieldbearer#1675

In-character name: Diego Wile

General character info: As far as his general performance in boot camp is concerned, he's nothing special - just another hot-blooded, gung-ho marine fresh out of it, eager to get out on the battlefield, to serve humanity, earn some glory or die a martyr alongside the rest. For the most part, that would be correct - he is, in fact, eager to serve and boot the threats to human life off this end of the galaxy, for all the time they've hounded them so far. But despite how it may seem, he actually does have more than a single brain cell and know how to use quite a bit more than just a gun.

Which role is your character's main: Standard rank and file UNSC Marine, as of current

Reason for joining: I'd ask if you really gotta ask, but if this is here, I guess you do. Well, I stumbled across this place a long while ago, but didn't know a thing about Halo, so I took my sweet time getting at least a little bit of info by playing through the first and second game. Only actually started playing here a couple of days ago, though. Personally, I find the idea of playing a human soldier more appealing than a zealously religious alien. Or a likely misguided rebel.
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