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Socks Covie App

Discord name:
Mister Canadian#1403

In-character name:
Zikan Sef 'Nasanmee

General character info:
Zikan Sef 'Nasanmee is the heir to the Noble 'Nasan Clan, he served in the Covenant Army as a Sangheili Major on board the SDV Vindictive Infraction, under the Fleet of [REDACTED].

Before the Human Covenant War, Zikan 'Nasan was known to be a renowned swordsman and duelist, besting many in single combat as a youth. During his training in the Covenant Army, it is said that Zikan 'Nasan showed great leadership and field tactics, quickly he became top of his class and graduated with honors. After graduation he was given the opportunity to take further training to become an Honor Guard, but he turned the position down, feeling he could do more for the Great Journey on the front lines.

Months after, the Human Covenant War had begun.

Zikan Mun 'Nasanmee was among the first to land on Circinius IV, laying waste to countless Heretics, even briefly engaging a Demon and surviving to tell the tale. Soon the entire planet would fall and be turned to glass. Zikan would earn himself a promotion to Major soon after for playing a vital part in the attack.

Once the ash had settled Zikan Sef 'Nasanmee would be transferred to the SDV Vindictive Infraction, a scout ship that patrols the 11 Tauri System Heretic Outer Colonies.
And that's where the game begins.

Reason for joining:
I have been apart of this community for some time now. Was part of the UNSC when I first joined, eventually became an ODST and all that good jaz. Soon left the UNSC and joined the URF where I became the faction leader, had a good time with it, but I want to do something different.
I'd like to join the Covenant to get the full xeno experience. Been playing Unggoy a bit lately and I just wanna go all in, y'know?
Should be fun.

Roleplay Example/History: Was ODST, SoE and URF Faction Leader, I don't have saved logs.

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