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Your Byond/Ckey Username:Higher_Life

Your character name (if relevant): I don't remember

Who were you banned by: kelso33

Date of ban: 2018-11-04

Length of ban: perma

Full ban reason: Shot two friendlies then left

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: Well, I kinda remember the moment, I was role playing as the captain and decided to go to extremes and order two people to fire at someone because of "insubordination", a gun fight ensued, killing a crew member, i think then me and my crew stood there talking for awhile then something happened causing me to order some kind of firing upon someone to happened that's when i got shot at and i shot someone else i believe. All in all an incredibly stupid situation I caused because i wanted to kill someone and create drama. It'd be nice to come back to your server and not do any of that and just get to enjoy regular Insurrectionist role play since your server is the only one that really gets being a kind of rebel right.

I'd vow not to RDM through irrelevant role play antics especially against my own team
Alright, so, since you waited a good while and I'm one for second chances, I'll give you just that.


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