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Player Report - Nickybuttons12345
Accused CKEY: Nickybuttons12345
Accused IC Name: Vyet 

Reason for complaint: 
I ghosted, and Vyet was at the ONI base on VT. They broke the door to where the ONI guards/SL spawn, making it unusable even though no ONI guards were on at the time. They proceeded to head to the vault, stealing the contents alongside capturing an on station researcher. 

Two ONI guards had attempted to spawn, but were unable to break out. They smashed down a couple walls, but were not able to actually remove the girders. I eventually came around 10+ minutes later as an ODST on patrol to free them after they requested it.

Evidence: No logs, as I didn't take any, about 2:00 AM GMT-4 6/19/2019 if you guys have working logs. There is one photo attached. 

Was recommended by a 'min to make this report, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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accepted, player lost WL and is banned

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