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CodeBecR's Covenant Application
Ckey: CodeBecR

Discord name: CodeBecR#1262

In-character name: Roq (Kig Yar), Beckeral Greene (Human)

general character info: Sheepish chemical savvy marksman Kig-Yar, Excells in quiet long range scenarios, panics when they get too close for comfort.

Reason for joining : Recommended by another user, wanted to try my hand at roleplaying an Elite.

Roleplay Example/History: Have managed to roleplay out of being a covenant prisoner as a human civilian by complying with demands and realistically dealing with the threat of violence as a civilian should. Been playing Citadel for almost two years now, joined CM13 about six months ago. Preffered support and roleplay oriented roles over combat heavy roles.
for the great journey !
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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