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Seeder's Ban Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: SeederJoe

Your character name (if relevant): Not too sure, random name. 

Who were you banned by: The grey tide

Date of ban: 12th of June

Length of ban: A month. 

Full ban reason: Killing three people without reasoning as the ban message stated. 

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:


Because I feel like there was major miscommunication in the initial conversation with Allakai and the  The Grey Tide, who I know listened to what I had to say, but don't know if they asked the killed players and my teammates, how they felt regarding my actions, which I also udnerstand isn't something that matters in that situation. Anyways, this is my first ban, and I really had to appeal it as I play here daily. So here's why In my opinion, I need to get unbanned:

The round itself started normally, I was playing a bit of a stupidly built character, who I did give a reference picture from Deus Ex, and a detailed description as to not make it just mingy trash. One of the reasons I joined covenant is because I enjoy roleplay.
As the round progressed, I was still on my Walter Simmons character who was a URF Infiltrator, aka the first character I spawned as. My colleague went to the mayor's office, so I followed him in, beforehand announcing my intentions to murder the mayor. I entered the office with my assault rifle that I took out behind close doors, just to be met with a gun trained on my character by the Mayor himself, so because I IC'ly wasn't armed for such a confrontation (lack of protective gear), shot and killed the mayor (Who I initially thought was UEG, like I thought the GCPD were UEG aswell, until I was corrected). My colleague gave himself and myself all access, but as that happened, a doctor saw us and began to scream like a maniac, running around like crazy.

The doctor was kill number two, killed to cut loose ends as I knew he'd snitch, due to his manic behavior. I shot him, dragged and hid him away in the slums, planting a holdout gun next to him. (After the ban I held a conversation with the player who roleplayed as the doctor, who then told me that he clearly understood the reason I killed him for.)

Kill number three, a more brutal kill that sparked the whole "murderbone" trial. The GCPD officer, the only officer on the station. During that kill I had already respawned on another Infiltrator. It took place probably an hour or so after said respawn, but the reason behind that kill was because of the wish to avenge the death of William Westmore, who got gunned down by a UNSC Marine, and I think a character named Sarah, a PMC that put on a whole set of GCPD armor. As they killed my teammate, my cover still wasn't blown on the new character, but he got his foot fractured by a round during the crossfire. The officer was a casualty caused by the fact that I ICly accepted the officers as an active threat.

This is a breakdown of the kills. Was it done in a way that could be considered low rp murderboning? Sure, from an OOC standpoint yes, but from a situational/roleplay standpoint, no. I like the server, I'm on here daily. I thought the point of the URF are to be terrorists, freeing the system by killing active threats to the cause like i did. I do apologise for any inconveniences that I might've caused, and for bugging the admins in DMs. I was never trying to be toxic or rude, just disappointed by the fact we never got to a consensus before such a hefty ban was hammered on my account. Thank you for reading. 
Considering your recent ban on Citadel given self antagging, being a griefer over there, and I was there to see your actions on Citadel RP I am a little uncertain about your ban appeal.

Given what you had done also was in the form of senselessly assaulting an officer while being arrested for petty theft and being a general nuisance I cannot in good judgement accept this.
That weird admin people know for doing mildly silly events with some normal ones too.

[Image: unknown.png]
I played on Citadel for around an hour, literally the first time I had played on their community, so I didn't know what I was in for, besides that the players are from a fandom. I understand that you must take reference from other communities, but what happened on Citadel was instigated by all parties present who kept on getting angry over me resisting arrest. That situation was entirely different from what happened on this server, so I don't see why it should be taken into consideration. All I'm trying to do is appeal the ban on this server, so I can come back to it. This is my first ban here, so all I want is a chance on THIS community, to prove that I'm not just trying to senselessly minge. I hope you're willing to make a compromise, blacklist me from URF and Colonist for a while if you have to, kick me out of the Covenant faction. I just want to come back and play. I want to also have an actual conversation about this over discord in voice, I don't think it'd be a negative to discuss this.
I want to add something else to this ban appeal, regarding misinformation in the RoE. When i initially engaged the mayor and the police officer, I didn't expect to be banned, because they're technically not listed as a Civilian role. The Mayor is a political figure, while the officers are enforcers. The RoE says nothing about the officers and mayor being part of the Civilians, even though they are part of the colony itself. I even remember discussing this UEG thing with either Allakai or TheGreyTide, where they corrected me, saying they're not UEG and aren't an enemy to the URF, unless they decide to be. Which is also strange, as how can the officers and mayor decide to be enemies of the URF, when civilians aren't allowed to seek direct confrontation with other factions, unless they've been attacked themselves. All in all, mistakes happened which I'm sorry for.
I'm sorry for whatever damage I've caused to the round with this bullshit, regardless of what I say It won't change the fact that rules were broken in one way or another, so I won't sit here trying to change your mind, as I know that I've fucked up. It was mainly misinformation towards roles, hence why I targeted GCPD. I apologize, I've read the rules and wish to come back.
Due to the update on the fact you have been officially banned from the Discord due to your behavior, I am denying this ban appeal. Closing and locking and moving to finished.
That weird admin people know for doing mildly silly events with some normal ones too.

[Image: unknown.png]

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