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discord unbann and server (cdr_Riley)
Your Byond/Ckey Username: 響、第6駆逐師部門「エコー」[APG](Riley)

Your character name (if relevant): ---

Who were you banned by: James

Date of ban: 8.6.2019 or 9.6.2019 /it was near midnight at the time

Length of ban: Permanet

Full ban reason: not using github template/ asking for why i should use it/ counts as backtalking to staff/  my answer of James ping

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:  right first thing the template on the github is used manily for bugs and i dont see how it helps with suggestions, also there are many other people who dont use the template, second to the answer of james ping answer,     in the picture you can see him typing nut up or shut up and if he is making himself clear my answer was: You do.  the You do is relate to if he made him self understood, not about shut up or nut up,  it semms he missonderstood the you do,  wich again the you do was my answer to yes your understood ill shut up
 in the picture you can even see i said it again taht he did make himself clear / to back talking to staff, im gonna deny taht case yes i did type fuck the system due to the template , ive asked why i should use it bloxgate did answer on taht then

also it should be noted taht i do have dylsekia and i grew up in germany therfore my structer of sentce are to difer somtimes
Ban lifted
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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