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Dennis Greene's URF Application
Ckey: Yabdab1212

Discord name: -/$$XxXEMONEYXxX$$\-#1001

In-character name: Dennis Greene

general character info:

Dennis Greene isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he's not the most competent or reliable, he's not even a good fighter. But he does know how to work a mop.

Dennis was born on an outer colony, he can't remember the name, all he knows is that the "green army men" had to stop the "bad men with guns" he was "liberated" from a UNSC convoy that was bringing refugees to evacuation zones. He and the rest were given an opportunity to become "Freedom Fighters" and "stop the ones who destroyed their home". He didn't know what to think about all that, his family basically abandoned him and he's been homeless for years. So he accepted and was taken off world on some unknown freighter with the rest of the ones who had agreed and after failing basic training and being forced to clean over and over due to his shortcomings mentally and physically the URF realized his true calling... Janitor.

He didn't know what a janitor was, but he was good at it and learned quickly to avoid "weapons of mass destruction", "dangerous chemicals", and "guns that shoot bullets". He was sent to Camp New Hope and told "Just don't fuck anything up and keep it clean." So he did just that.

He usually just sticks to himself, cleaning floors, bathrooms, messes and etc, and laughing about monkeys or whatever random occurrence that he finds funny. He's not a violent person, and is not allowed to use weapons due to his... Mental deficiencies. But he is skilled at fixing things and being a janitor, so that should be enough to earn the respect of his fellow "Freedom Fighters".

Reason for joining : Several people in the URF recommended that I should apply, and I main URF janitor so why not.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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