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Seeder's Covenant Application
Ckey: SeederJoe

Discord name: SeederChief

In-character name: Tin'ral 

general character info: 

- Tin'ral is an Unggoy Major in his late sixties, only surviving due to mostly being stationed on vessels throughout his military career. Not much is known about him, but he's been skeptical about the Path. Unwillingly fighting for his empire, he tries not to cross the line the other Unggoy did during the rebellion in 2462, doing his bidding only to avoid prosecution as some Unggoy do. (Alot of Unggoys were swallowed up by "The Path", but lore-wise there were some that weren't really into it, only doing their bidding to avoid death.)

- His description: Tin'ral possesses the common characteristics of the Unggoy race, it's body short and stocky, the head round and as if lacking an actual neck. It's skin is rough and wrinkly, dark-purple in colour and covered in numerous scabs and scars, possibly due to it constantly scratching against it with it's stubby, yet clawed limbs. This Unggoy's voice is high-pitched, almost annoying to listen to.
Reason for joining : I like the covenant server-wise. It's alot more enjoyable than the URF and UNSC, so I'd love to get a shot at it. I've gotten used to the covenant vessels by now, and the general location of everything on the server, so It's safe to say I know what I'm doing most of the time. 

Roleplay Example/History: 
I don't really have any logs to show of me roleplaying as a grunt, but I use the /me function whenever it's needed to add some character to my Unggoy. An example of what I've done on him is how I showed descent levels of "FearRP" when captured by ODSTs, them being Ava and a few others on the ONI, actively trying to avoid death after my two superiors were gunned down infront of me. Tin is somewhat of a passive character in terms that he only utilises his weaponry when either forced to do so, or in self-defense. 

My roleplaying history is me mostly circling around clockwork SRP servers for around five years. I've mostly played Half-Life 2 Roleplay on a few very strict communities. Never done ss13 roleplay, wanted to, but never did until recently. 
For the great journey!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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