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Sam Greene Ban Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username:RedsPro

Your character name (if relevant):Sam Greene

Who were you banned by: bdpuffy420

Date of ban:5/27/2019

Length of ban: "Until Appeal"

Full ban reason: "Attacking the ONI with a bs reason"

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: The marines on the Bertels landed on the ONI planet after some sort of review. The ONI members we're pretty hostile so we hunkered down in the telecomms area. After a while some more marines arrived and they told us one of our marines was shot by an ONI guard. This spurred already rising tensions so the marines all agreed to move into the base. We proceeded into it from the Telecomms area and stumbled upon an ONI guard. We promptly took them prisoner without a shot fired as we weren't looking to kill anyone. We then locked the base area down so the ONI won't rush us. A command announcement drop'd saying the marines of the bertels we're found "Guilty and lethal force is authorized" At this point most of the Marines are exploring while Garth and Lother are up top. I get word that ONI is attacking and firing on us so i head up with an SRS. I scope in and see an ONI turn the corner and open fire on Garth while Garth fires back with a Rocket Launcher. The other ONI member grabs his comrade and drags him back as the three of us ask them to surrender over and over. They move out and we pursue. I put a single round into the ONI and they drop as we immediately start calling for our Marine medics to move in and we try to save these guys. I use some Biofoam on the one i shot while he complains in LOOC. The medic's too far away so we start grab both of them and move them to the medic who starts healing them. I believe this was a just IC reason for the marines to do what they did as the ONI had admin approval to attack us.

*We will contact other servers about your history, it may affect the ruling of your ban appeal
From the logs and statements of the staff who were there at the time never out right approved ONI attacking. And you haven’t given a clear reason why you should be unbanned.
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I believe i should be unbanned because at the time i thought it was roleplayed out well and completely IC. Also i realize i shouldn't participate in any abnormal situations during a round without Ahelping and figuring out if its kosher. I would also like to apologize if anyone's round was ruined by what happened.
Ban will be lifted
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