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Staff Complaint: MactoPerFuror
It seems what this boils down to a case of miscommunication as a whole, now yes how he went about the ahelp wasn’t ideal but you must understand at the time they were being swarmed by ahelps which can muddle things up. The RoE shall be updated to reflect these changes for clarification so a situation like this doesn’t happen again. Now @Leudoberct this whole ordeal Crom hasn’t once attacked you two at a personal level he’s doing his best and I’m not going to sit here and let you falsely claim things about his character seeing as you VERY new to our community so you have little to no room to talk about crap attitudes when you’re being toxic in this complaint.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
He pretty clearly insulted Paean and the quality of their roleplay, and every time I've engaged with him he's been pretty aggressive. I already pointed out his poor attitude in the very first post in this thread, and that is part of my complaint. That is not toxicity. That is a valid concern that I have about Macto.
I would also like clarification on why you are adding a whitelist to Prophet. In this complaint, Crom has stated that I am the sole reason for the Prophet being whitelisted (Even though Senior Staff have not only supported but commented on how I've been one of the better Prophet's that they've seen). Whereas you James, have stated a few reasons that seem to change.

First, you stated it was due to poor roleplay such as people "RPing molesting ungoggies"  then you stated it was a progressive change and that having Prophet was just a trial run to see it before whitelisting it, then you stated it was to be on par with the other Command Roles and as such were going to whitelist it due to that. However, when confronted by a lot of other Covenant Players that explained that  Prophet is not even a command role, and focuses on advising mostly and securing relics you said you would be enforcing "harsher job bans".

This entire situation has been confusing and even though I have some clarification on certain things Crom has said, I am still confused on the Prophet Whitelisting/Job bans and why it was even talked about being whitelisted in the first place. I personally feel, and others seem to agree that my roleplay isn't poor, isn't bad, and is some of the better Prophet RP yet its apparently being whitelisted because of me, due to poor roleplay. The confusion and the lack of communication has made me not want to play here anymore.
Yeah it was collection of issues when it came to the prophets from the prophets acting like catholic priest to general poor orders being given out which is a symptom of is testing the waters out of having prophet not whitelisted in the first place. Again Crom wasn’t fully aware of the situation with the prophets to begin with so he figured you were the main reason for the whitelisting in the first place. But after discussion in the covenant hall it seems rather whitelisting we are just going be more harsh on job banning giving no leeway on RoE/Rule breaks when it come to the prophet. If this was enough to make not want to play here then leave I’m sorry I can’t please you pal
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But I am open to suggestions on how to improve.
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Player in question has decided to leave instead. Closing complaint
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