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ONI Base - Additional cigerette vendors.
Summary: Additional cigarette vendors added to the ONI base. Probably just one in the barracks bar/canteen and one added into the lvl2 break room.

As it stands there only seems to be one on the outpost and that's the hangar one which is underground and rather out of the way.
Made a PR for it.
But why replace the jukebox?
Isaac riker: The urf's Official tech-Priest and the URFC'S Sharpshooter
(05-22-2019, 10:50 PM)Frontline03 Wrote: But why replace the jukebox?

Space as I didn't really want to extend the room nor massively change it. It also doesn't seem to work, unless I've just failed at using it.
Yep small suggestions like this are best placed directly onto Github. They're also a great opportunity to learn mapping if anyone wants to give them a go. One of the devs on discord can help you out with some tips and guidance

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