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Janitorial supplies
So I played a round as a janitor this is the first time and when I went into the janitorial supplies room the supplies in the room are as follows 

- bio suit 
- janitorial cart
- mop 
- buckets to fill the cart
- 2 bottles of space cleaner

Whats missing is 

- trash bags for trash those pesky marine leave about
- Trash bin to dump the trash in since there is no disposals or furnace to burn stuff like biohazard waste (One of those big green ones I've seen on other servers or whatever is avaliable)
- 4 x wet floor signs as that is the max that can fit in the cart
- Light replacer
- 2 x Boxs of replacement lights or 1 whatever makes sense
- Box of mousetraps(thought I doubt there would be mice on a immaculately clean vessel)
- Bear traps(For pests bigger than mice but also could be used to trap innies or covvies who board)
- Janitors belt(To hold all these wonderful supplies may want to recolour it as the standard one used on other servers is purple)

Also I suggest making the Janitorial supplies room only accessible by janitors simply because I went SSD for a few minutes about a hour, so into the round and someone decides to walk in and steal the biohazard suit which has a legitimate purpose why would a marine need a biohazard suit on a battlefield so it makes me wonder how many players have stolen it before.
In truth the UNSC ship has a considerable lack of trash cans in it's mess halls too.

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