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Dronz's Covenant App
key: DronzTheWolf

Discord name: Dronz#2441

In-character name: Yeg Val

general character info: T'vaoan Kig-Yar privateer hired by the Covenant, and paid too well to quit. He's not openly critical of the prophets or their faith, but he does not follow or want to follow it. He sees his doings as a means to an end, and the pay as a way of founding his own empire. Perhaps one day to rival the covenant, if he can keep it quiet enough. For now, though, he does the bidding of these tasteless zealots and their useful idiots. Biding his time until the end.

Reason for joining: The Covenant is one of, if not my favorite, faction in Halo. The way that the species differences cause in-fighting but they're united by a series of ulterior motives, and the ironic naming of the prophets. Truth lies constantly, Mercy is merciless, Regret has no regrets. It's a piece of art within itself.

Roleplay Example/History: I've been roleplaying since my early teens, but my roleplaying with BYOND started somewhere around mid-2016, on Prospector Station, then Apollo, then Aurora, then to Bay, and back to Aurora, finally ending on Halostation. It's been a ride but I've enjoyed it. I didn't know Halostation was a thing until Allakai mentioned they'd gotten moderator status here, so I figured I'd check it out because Halo lore is my bread and butter. 
Time to prove your worth
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