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UNSC Application
Ckey: karmac

Discord Name: Karmac

In-Character Name: Garth Pawolski

General Character Info: Garth enlisted at the age of 26, having done years of construction work on Earth, originally intending to do his part in putting down the Insurrectionists plaguing the UEG's colonies. Lacking any sort of notable upbringing or character defining moments in his life, he hoped this would also give him a feeling of purpose. Upon the realisation that the Covenant were a far worse threat than the Insurrectionists, he decided he had found his purpose.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason For Joining : It's been some time since I last existed within this community I know, but I'm genuinely impressed with how far the server's come in a years time, and intend on both playing and seeing more of it. I'll be dead honest I'm probably only ever going to play a Marine so I thought I might as well make the application.
Welcome to the UNSC!

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