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CSV: 22926-11908-GP
Accessing CSV personnel file of operative 22926-11908-GP

Access Granted

[:Opening Operative File:]


[:File Successfully Opened:]

[:File Overview Loaded:]


(Name) Garth Pawolski
(Rank) PFC

(Regiment) 65th Marines

(Join Date) 2524

(Combat Status) Active

22926-11908-GP has been in service since 2524 September 16th, with hopes he would be sent out to deal with the insurrectionist forces plaguing the stars, however by the time he was ready for deployment the Covenant had become Humanity's greatest concern. Having been assigned to the 65th Marines upon their recent return to Earth, Private G.P. was enthusiastic to face off against this new threat, reportedly stating to his Sergeant before departure from Earth "If there's one thing us humans are good at, it's going to war. Let's show these alien bastards how it's done."

The only notable traits of this marine, as reported by his Drill Sergeant, are as follows:
- Above-average strength and size, possessed high-compatibility with handling Heavy Munitions.
- Strong sense of duty, makes up for his slightly-lacking mental capacity, common-sense occasionally eluded the Marine during training.
- During a firing range incident, the muzzle flash of another Marine's rifle ruined the right eye of this Marine, after extensive care the Marine managed to complete his training without further issue.
"The man's as big as a bear and almost as dense as a brick wall, but I have no doubt he will serve the UNSC with pride and purpose." - Drill Sergeant Jack Monique's final comment on Private G.P.'s file.

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