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Urd Nuftu, Vice Minister of Sanitation
Ckey: Paean

Discord name: Paean

In-character name: Vice Minister of Sanitation

General character info

Urd Nuftu, who would later become the Vice Minister of Sanitation, was always a curious individual. In his youth he spent his time wandering around the giant halls and varied provinces of High Charity looking at his fellow San'Shyuum, watching them.. He observed the way they acted, the way they talked, the way they moved, the way they walked, everything about his species fascinated the young San'Shyuum, he wanted to know more. 

As age took its root Urd Nuftu began adding more knowledge about the San'Shyuum to his vast collection. He started studying their anatomy and physiology, their bio-molecular processes and biochemical makeup. The way they age, the way disease takes its hold, and the way to purge the disease. As his studies took him further and further into everything about his species, he started looking at other members of the Covenant and their various illnesses, what made them tick, what made them who they are. 

Eventually his study of disease and how to eliminate it took hold of him, it was all he could think about. He started investigating how the Forerunners did it, kept themselves healthy, kept their society healthy. He started studying their relics, examining the past and trying to connect it to the present. His goal was to extend the already great lifespan of the San'Shyuum into near-immortality, and improve the quality of life of the Elder San'Shyuum. He started designing and using covenant technology that was crudely based off of the technology that the Forerunners possessed. His goal was to make it so the path to the Great Journey could be completed in comfort, and luxury, free of disease and illness. 

The Ministry of Sanitation took notice of his goals inviting him to work inside of its halls. His work focused on co-operation and negotiation with the Ministry of Tranquility to procure Forerunner Relics for the Ministry of Sanitation for study in the realm of Public Health. 

Urd Nuftu faithfully executed this duty for quite some time. His painstaking study and research finally paid off. Urd Nuftu was promoted to Vice Minister of Sanitation and tasked with assisting the Ministry of Tranquility in finding, discovering, and studying Forerunner Relics that could be used to promote the health and wellbeing, extend the longevity, and assist the the San'Shyuum and the Covenant in living in comfort as they prepare for the Great Journey. 

Reason for joining: I think the Covenant are an interesting faction within the Halo Universe. Halostation offers an avenue for which the Covenant can be successfully roleplayed in a manner that would be fun for all parties involved. I want to join in on that action and see if I can't create a few interesting stories. 

Roleplay Example/History: I play Dr. Josephine Karson, ONI Research Director. I have also been trekking and roaming around SS13 for quite some time. Playing on servers like World Server, Polaris, and Baystation. 
Pretty good application, I'd endorse this guy
For the holy empire
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