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Application for Covenant Faction
Ckey: LostXeno

Discord name: Xenomorfo#8557

In-character name: Xakan 'Lodamai

general character info: Xakan is an Sangheili that has recently finished his training to join the Military. He is very curious and is interested in Technology and Science, Specially the one involving the one his Gods used, as well as sometimes the Tech used by Humanity. He doesnt Like a lot the Fact of Charging to the Enemy, he rather prefers to stay behind and look for the best option to at least make the highest damage to the enemy, but if ordered to charge, he will do so, respecting always his superiors.

Reason for joining: I really find the Covenant an interesting faction in the Halo lore, I Like a lot how they work and complete missions and How they put their Trust in their brothers at dangerous times. The Elites or Sangheilis are the second specie I like more in the covenant (First the Hunters), with all their Culture and Strategy they use, and how they respect each other, most of the time.

Roleplay Example/History: Im not an expert in Roleplay, But im not new to it. I have been in diferent kinds of Roleplays, Fantasy mostly and a Little of Science-fiction. I think Im good enough to roleplay, If I see i did something wrong that would affect the others in the roleplay i would gladly try to make it never happen again, and as well try learn more on how to improve my Rp Writing.
For the great journey
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