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Hoboman's Covenant Whitelist app
Ckey: Hoboman11

Discord name: Hoboman11 #2440

In-character name: Hegiga Fati Lalku

general character info: Hegiga is a Mgalekgolo who loves to read poetry in its spare time, never aloud, and enjoys bonding with the littlest of the Covenant race, despite their inferiority. Its the Inferiority that it finds so charming about the lower races.

Reason for joining : A friend told me that this variant of SS13 existed, and I've been looking for an RP game that isn't just about having bullshit stats and being on the longest to be able to do anything worthwhile. Plus, despite my lack of knowledge on SS13 I still find it fun when I play. And I do like Halo, so its a win win for me.

Roleplay Example/History: When I first started Roleplaying, I began on Roleplay Engine on Byond, which was a text only RP game. I started out rough, but RP became my bread and butter over the years before that game shut down, then I moved onto RPU [Roleplay Unlimited] until that shut down as well. Then I migrated from other games like SS13, Sigrogana Legends, and other random RP games that normally died every so often and quickly. 

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.
For the great journey!
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