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El3ctr1c - Ban Appeal

Your Byond/Ckey Username: El3ctr1c

Your character name (if relevant): Unsure, plus it may not be relevant?

Who were you banned by: bdpuffy420

Date of ban: 2018-7-22

Length of ban: Perma

Full ban reason: "Griefer"

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:

I believe that this ban was entirely justified, at the time i was more used to the low to no rp environment and doing things with little repercussion. However, since the time of this ban I've taken the time to play SS13 not just as a greytide "do what i want because i want" on servers such as Baystation and Lebensraum, and not disregarding the rules of servers and taking them into account. Killing a teammate just because i was going to sit out of a round is in no way acceptable (I believe that was the reason for the ban and bwoink i could be wrong). I would love to seriously play on this server instead of making the experience shite for people in it. 
This would normally be an easily liftable ban. However, my dude, you have made a name for yourself as a non-antagonist serial killer. Your bans everywhere else almost purely consist of the exact same issue, which is killing your fellow mates. I really hope this isn't some sort of sick psychosis you have an irl because, ho boy.

Clearly, you have learned nothing since you joined SS13 from your history. We need to hear a far better argument from you to convince us to lift this ban. Otherwise I also feel inclined with sharing your history to every server out there to prevent future shittery elsewhere.
Im sorry? On this server, or others? Because im quite confused. I can only recount one time i was banned from this server or even bwoink for that matter, however i could be very wrong as this was 10 months ago and my memory is faded on that. And on other servers, the only other "non-antagonist serial killer" type ban i recall was from yogstation around the beginning of me playing ss13. On baystation it was for poor antagonist play, something I've since stopped playing (antagonist that is). Otherwise im quite baffled. Could i get some elaboration so that i am not entirely confused? As of recently i can recall no acts of non-antagonist serial killing
A reasonable request. Yogstations ban list presents the best evidence for this argument.

[Image: 9ZfBzuE.png]

Note: Trumps ban was also permanent due to the extreme nature of the act, but was lifted.
I have no excuses for the actions that led to those bans, however, i would like to state that, i indeed have learned from what has happened and my previous cases. Nothing that extreme has happened, this and as well as these bans were from when i first started playing ss13. I was misguided by a friend who got me into it thinking it was just a game where anything goes and your job was a side task.

To further elaborate, as of 2019 and late 2018, my abilities and common sense on SS13 in its entirety have greatly improved and this behavior exhibited on YogStation, and the behavior i exhibited on this server does not happen anymore. I take the time to read the rules and try my best to avoid breaking them in short.

I realize how off putting my history here and combined with the history on other servers is. However, i want to reassure you that i have indeed learned from my past mistakes and have matured as a player of the game and just generally HRP-MRP environments as a whole.
Alright, I will put aside your past history and write it off as you have said. However, we should discuss your entire mindset in this new incident, how was it exactly different from one year ago?

I apologize that I am turning this into some sort of essay, it is not my intention.
Right, well im prepared to write one as i really would love to join back and play seriously.

One year ago back at the time of banning (referring to the present incident) i was completely used to the LRP-NRP enviroment, doing things with little repercussions, killing people and basically giving "oops" as an excuse etc etc (that is obviously dramatized but i hope you understand). I would not say it was entirely different from the one during late 2017 as i took a long break and didn't think i needed improving on my gameplay and roleplay. However as of recently late 2018 around September-October to be exact, i wanted to play on higher roleplay and more strict rules and started to change and improve from my grief-y greytide tendencies.
I take server rules and lore seriously now and do my best to avoid breaking them. I try to create characters that are believable to the setting instead of making "Chad Thundercock" (as a example) for a meme. I believe myself as I've stated before to have matured as a player of the game and taking things more seriously than before in short.

I apologize if this is more or less a regurgitation of what i've stated before hand but it is the best i can describe how i've changed since the banning.

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