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A Covenant Application Thing

Discord name: 

In-character name:

general character info:
Var is a Sangheili Zealot whom lives and dies by the command of those under his protection. When required, he will gladly give his life to protect the Prophets unless there's another way. He will usually use Unggoys as possible distractions, that way it can give time for a Minister or Prophet to retreat to safety. If a Prophet has no requirement for him, then he will talk with the shipmaster, asking if there's anywhere he's needed. He will usually lead from the front to show that he would not send his fellow subordinates into a situation where he himself would not go. He was trained on Sanghelios and has constantly been seeking to prove his loyalty to the Prophets, and in his mind, that would be easily achieved by protecting and giving his life for them. He hopes to achieve death while giving his life to protect the Prophets, fore he believes any other death would be dishonourable. He vastly respects the honour code but his pride can usually get the better of him. Var believes the Great Journey to be something which will be achieved in his lifetime and wishes to be with the Prophets once it is achieved. Before the Great Journey comes, Var wishes to prove his worth to the Prophets, attempting to become their Honour Guard. Other Sangheili may see it as a ceremonial role, but he himself sees it as a way to prove his worth to the Covenant and Prophets as a whole. 
(Var will be a Sangheili Major if Zealot is unavailable since it's not always on every round.)

Reason for joining : 
As a kid, Halo was practically my childhood. Since then, I've been looking to hopefully find a Halo RP game upon which people can be marines or members of the Covenant. Other than that, I find the Covenant is much more fanatic in their cause, and that playing as a fanatic would be quite enjoyable over the usual marine play.

Roleplay Example/History: 
I've been playing plenty of SS13, most being in the Medium-High RP ranges. Some servers being Aurora, Baystation, CM, and Leben. I've also played other RPG games which aren't exactly as expansive in the choices you can make, but they're there, such as Skyrim and Fallout. Along with those, I've also played D&D and some CK2 which isn't the most expansive in RP, but it has its moments.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy: Var sees them as useful decoys and lethal when in large capacity. When leading groups of Unggoy he will usually attempt to have them present themselves quite loudly, that way the marines focus solely on them, allowing other forces to flank and eradicate the enemy forces. He'll treat the Unggoy as simply walking corpses unless they prove themselves in combat and have survived multiple engagements. Otherwise, He'll believe they're nothing more than that.

Kig-Yar: He believes them to be quite efficient in long-range combat, and will usually attempting to place them further back in a frontal conflict. He will usually treat the Kig-Yar with decency, but nothing further than that.

Jiralhanae: Var has a large distaste for them, and will attempt to send them in the Vanguard to hopefully create the most damage, and die in the progress. He is quite untrustworthy of the large brutes and sees them no more than entitled animals. If Var finds one who is sufficiently respectable he may act nicely to them, otherwise, he'll usually treat them as the animal they are.

San'Shyuum: Var holds them with the utmost respect possible and will protect those amongst them who are Prophets with his life. He is close to almost blindly loyal to them and will hear the Prophets' word as law. 
For the great journey!
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