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Gamemode: UNSC Achlys

--UNSC Data Archives--

Accessing ONI Section I File# 22-468206-051


Authenticating Identification...

Please Standby...

Identification Accepted

Current User: Commanding Officer of commandeered Mariner-class Dante
If this is a mistake or unexpected login of identified user, please contact a system administrator
Accessing ONI Section I File# 22-468206-051

Subject: Short Notice Briefing

This transmission will have been beamed to you on location through the slipspace communications array mounted on the Dante before it left [REDACTED].  Do not reply. The ship you are searching for is operating under the callsign Achlys and is believed to have gone missing in the coordinates provided. Your mission is to ascertain the current status of the ship and react accordingly to data uncovered in your investigation, as well as destroy any navigational data on board the ship through Cole Protocol. It comes from an amalgamation of multiple ONI departments and is considered top priority for you and the men under your command. The following information has been provided to you specifically under a strict need-to-know basis.

  1. The Achlys is confirmed to have been boarded by Covenant forces in their final transmission. Any nonhuman entity is considered to be eliminated with extreme prejudice. The location of Earth must be safeguarded by any means necessary. The Dante has been outfitted with a micro MAC cannon for disposal of the ship, to be used in extreme circumstances only. This information is provided under assumption that the marines you have been allotted cannot, under hypothetical circumstances with utmost regard to collected onsite information used to degrees of computational accuracy, complete their mission with an unexpected mortality rate of 99.9%. Addendum-01: If recon, or a loss of recon, indicate the Achlys has been compromised beyond retrieval, the Dante has full authorization to utilize the on board micro MAC cannon to destroy the Achlys, regardless of passengers or unforeseen external threat.
  2. Any surviving humans that may have been spared by Covenant forces or survived until your arrival through other means are suspected to be Insurrectionists and other terrorists of the state. Their survival can only mean that they are working with the Covenant and/or failed to follow through with United Nations Space Command Emergency Priority Order 098831A-1 themselves and are considered traitors to the UNSC, under articles JAG 845-P and JAG 7556-L, committing treason which is justifiable grounds for execution.
  3. One or more ONI Operatives from Section III may or may not have been implanted into your troops with strict orders to secure top secret data on the ship and ensure that all survivors of this operation are permanently silenced when the operatives believe the time has come to eliminate them. No living being will be authorized to leave the Achlys under any circumstances unless those operatives fail their mission. If aforementioned operatives fail to dispatch any being considered living, aforementioned living creature, human or covenant, is to be held in strict isolated containment until such time that the Dante has returned to the designated rendezvous site.
If any of the above conditions are exposed to any living person you will face prompt and immediate execution from sleeper agents placed within your own crew, including aforementioned operatives operating under your command whose names and ranks will remain undisclosed. All operatives are under strict orders to eliminate yourself as well as identified double agents that are under assumption that they, or yourself, can expose ONI directives to anyone not involved. Consider this footnote your final and only warning, Commander.

OOC Notes and Elaborations:

  1. This gamemode is based on the novel/animated film Mona Lisa. It has focus on survival horror and fighting against stacked odds. The intent is for players to write their own story in an atmospheric environment but the gamemode does not follow the novel/film to the letter. Making subtle references to them will give you brownie points with me, whining about the fact that it doesn't follow the narrative to a T will get you on my shitlist. It's a game. Treat it as one and enjoy it for what it's worth.
  2. There will still be a roleplay expectation in this gamemode. Marines are expected to stay in uniform and listen to their chain of command to the best of their abilities. Acting in an LRP behavior will still get you banned. A prisoner's mind could be broken by what they've witnessed, but at least do it tastefully without screaming and turning on the capslock cruise control.
  3. Using this flavor text letter to metagame IC is against the rules. Unless you're the CO and can make a cool briefing out of it without giving away too much to make an Operative shoot you, which they will, and you might get job banned.
  4. ONI Operatives will shoot other marines. It's supposed to happen. Admins will not get involved in FF incidents. that being said, Operatives shooting people on the Dante will get them job banned and possibly ban banned.
  5. Marines don't need to shoot prisoners or covenant. It's not even encouraged. That said, prisoners and covies don't need to be friendly. Henry still beat up Lopez to get on that last escape pod, and Covenant have been committing a mass genocide for decades. If a prisoner wants to self antag, they have every right to. If a marine wants to shoot a covie, they have every right to.
  6. The Commander doesn't need to stay on the Dante as I can understand now ahead of time the job will get boring. That said, if the CO dies, the marines will lose the round.
  7. Prisoners will have seemingly meta knowledge about flood they can choose to divulge to marines. This has a limit. No prisoner is going to know about super cool John Halo working with the Gravemind on Installation 00 in Halo 3 and there was friendly floods and a giant talking hentai food from hell. When in doubt, play dumb and ease down on knowledge.
  8. Covenant Prisoners: You might get shot. Not a single admin wants an ahelp because you wanted to be Henry and got BTFO by a marine. Covies have been glassing human colonies for decades by now. Take one for the team.
  9. Do not spoil the game for other players. Booting it up by yourself and trying to bomb through it with meta-knowledge is not the intent of the gamemode. It is designed for player enjoyment via atmosphere and tension. Taking away from these elements defeats the purpose and ruins the experience.

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