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THAT One URF guy that ALWAYS makes a crossbow
Hi all, hope you guys enjoying your day so far.
I have started playing on the server about 2 months ago (mainly maining UNSC at the time), then I tried out URF and started to main the hell outta it under a character named Rick Franks. About a month into my playing I got the URF Whitelist and I am making (read "trying to make") deadly fire/gas (sometimes both at the same time) grenades for other folks. I hate to say this but I am usualy the first one to die eighter by FF or by suicide bombing (read "charging gloriously into the battlefield with a primed grenade in my hand"). Other than that, I'm just a normal dude which wants to have a great time in a great community and I was too lazy to make this post until now. Anyways, that's about it, hope to meet all of you on the server.
make me a crossbow comrade franks
Aye, aye, captain!
When someone FFs the entire squad with Chloral Hydrate instead of you. 

 [Image: 2r94wb.jpg]

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