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First Contact: the 3 way balance
Required watching:

The Insurrection gamemode was added around 2017 to provide some basic gameplay for the server. Basic overmap and Covenant gameplay quickly followed. Although not intended as a major faction the Insurrection faction is now a key part of our community. 

With our server concept we are aiming for asymmetrical gameplay between 2-5 factions featuring a mixture of gameplay styles and roleplay, with gameplay styles including PvP combat, space capital ship combat, dogfighting, civilian/innie economic gameplay etc. 

Different factions will have a focus on different gameplay styles as well as aesthetics and objectives. This means a competitive balance will be very hard. The Covenant are meant to be OP in space combat, and slightly OP in ground combat. Innies are meant to be initially UP in all areas but with more flexibility and strength gain. UNSC are meant to be reactive and probably have the hardest objectives. 

Balancing will need to account the following factors: 
- Faction base (Covenant: none, UNSC: fortified base, Innies: one or more hidden bases)
- Starting ship (Covenant: strong, UNSC: average, Innies: none but can get one late round)
- Equipment and racial bonuses (Covenant: strong, UNSC: average to strong, Innies: weak but can grow strong late round)
- Stealth options (Covenant: some, UNSC: a few, Innies: lots)
- Defensive objectives (Covenant: very few, UNSC: lots, Innies: some)
- Aggressive objectives (Covenant: lots, UNSC: some, Innies: very few)

Lots of tweaking will need to be done to balance this.

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